Unforgettable Charter Experiences with Bluewaves Watersports

When you choose Bluewaves Watersports, you can rest assured that our team is committed to delivering unparalleled service. From the moment you step foot on our boats, our professional and friendly crew will be there to cater to your every need. We understand that each charter is unique, and our experienced staff will work closely with you to tailor the trip according to your preferences, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience.

One of the highlights of chartering with Bluewaves Watersports is the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing beauty of Comino and its surroundings. As you glide through the crystal-clear waters, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of picturesque coastlines, hidden coves, and stunning rock formations. Our knowledgeable crew will guide you to the most scenic spots, ensuring you capture the best moments and create lasting memories against the backdrop of nature’s awe-inspiring wonders.

At Bluewaves Watersports, we understand that each guest has unique preferences and desires. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a fun-filled family adventure, or a corporate event with a touch of luxury, we are dedicated to tailoring our charters to meet your specific needs. From customizing the itinerary and activities to arranging special requests, we go above and beyond to create an experience that reflects your vision and surpasses your expectations.

Your safety is our utmost priority. We adhere to stringent safety standards and regulations, ensuring that our boats are well-maintained, equipped with necessary safety gear, and operated by experienced professionals. Our crew members are trained in first aid and emergency procedures, providing you with peace of mind throughout your charter experience.

Experience the Magic of a Sunset Cruise – A Tranquil Journey with Bluewaves Watersports

Are you ready to witness nature’s most enchanting spectacle while sailing through the serene waters? Join Bluewaves Watersports for a mesmerizing sunset cruise that promises breathtaking views, relaxation, and unforgettable memories.

Our slow-paced sunset cruise sets off from the picturesque starting point at Ramla Bay Resort, Marfa Bay. As you step aboard our comfortable boat, you’ll feel a sense of tranquility wash over you. Get ready to embark on a peaceful journey as we gently cruise the waters, allowing you to unwind and connect with the beauty of nature.

The highlight of the cruise is undoubtedly the magnificent sunset that will unfold before your eyes. As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with vibrant hues, you’ll be treated to a truly magical experience. From the deck of our boat, you’ll have a front-row seat to witness the gradual transformation of the sky as the day transitions into night.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the breathtaking views while breathing in the fresh air. Whether you’re seeking a romantic moment with your loved one or creating memories with friends and family, there’s no better place to watch the sunset than on our boat. The serene atmosphere and the beauty of the surroundings will create an unforgettable ambiance.

Our sunset cruise will take you along the west coast of Malta, showcasing some of the most stunning locations along the way. Prepare to be captivated by the scenic Paradise Bay, where azure waters meet golden sands, creating a picture-perfect setting. Marvel at the iconic Anchor Bay, home to the famous Popeye Village, a charming and unique attraction.

Golden Bay, another highlight of the cruise, will leave you in awe with its golden shores and crystal-clear waters. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these remarkable destinations as the sun casts its golden glow, creating a surreal and picturesque atmosphere.

To ensure availability, we recommend confirming your reservation prior to proceeding with payment. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience; enquire now to secure your spot on our Sunset Cruise.

Sunset cruises are truly special, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse yourself in a moment of pure tranquility. The gentle breeze, the vast sky, and the vibrant colors of the sunset will transport you to a state of relaxation and happiness that is rarely experienced.

Instead of trying to find the best spots on your own, let our experienced team guide you to the most breathtaking locations. We know the waters like the back of our hand, and we’ll ensure that you witness the most awe-inspiring sunset views.

Join us for a Sunset Cruise with Bluewaves Watersports and indulge in beautiful vistas, a serene atmosphere, and a truly relaxing time. You’re on vacation—live it to the fullest and let us create an unforgettable experience for you.

Enjoy a ferry trip to Comino & Blue Lagoon

Are you ready to embark on a memorable journey to one of Malta’s most breathtaking destinations? Join Bluewaves Watersports on a boat ferry ride and excursion that combines the beauty of Comino and the world-famous Blue Lagoon. Get ready for a day filled with sun-soaked beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning natural wonders.

Our ferry departs from Ramla Bay Resort, conveniently located just 3 kilometers away from the renowned Blue Lagoon in Comino. From the moment you step aboard, you’ll be greeted by a warm and friendly crew, ready to make your experience extraordinary.

As we set sail, you’ll have ample time to take in the mesmerizing views of the Maltese coastline, including the magnificent St. Mary Battery and the iconic Arch Elephant Rock. Marvel at the rugged beauty of the north coast of Malta as we cruise along, revealing hidden gems that will leave you in awe.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. We’ll guide you to explore the East and West Hidden Caves, an added bonus to your journey at no extra charge. Discover the enchanting caves, where sunlight dances on the water, creating a magical ambiance that will take your breath away.

Prepare to be captivated as we drive past stunning landmarks such as St. Mary Bay, St. Nicholas Bay, and the pristine Crystal Lagoon. These coastal treasures offer a glimpse into Malta’s rich history and natural wonders, providing a backdrop of unparalleled beauty.

The highlight of the excursion awaits at the Blue Lagoon, where we’ll make a two-hour stop. Dive into the crystal-clear waters for an exhilarating snorkeling experience, marvel at the vibrant marine life, or simply bask in the sun on the idyllic sandy beach. Don’t forget to take a leisurely walk to the tower, where you can enjoy a panoramic view that will leave you mesmerized.

Throughout the journey, don’t forget to keep your cameras ready, as you’ll be treated to unrivaled views. Capture the beauty of the turquoise waters, towering cliffs, and stunning landscapes as we sail from one extraordinary place to the next.

At Bluewaves Watersports, we strive to provide an unforgettable experience, blending relaxation, adventure, and natural wonders. Our dedicated crew is committed to ensuring your comfort and enjoyment throughout the excursion, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

So, gather your family and friends, and join us on this remarkable boat ferry ride and excursion. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Comino and the Blue Lagoon, and let Bluewaves Watersports be your guide to an extraordinary day in paradise.

Rent a Boat with a Skipper for an Unforgettable Adventure

Are you ready for an extraordinary maritime adventure? Look no further than Bluewaves Watersports for an unforgettable experience on the beautiful islands of Malta, Comino, and Gozo. If you want to make the most of your boat ride and discover the hidden gems of the area, renting a boat with a skilled skipper is the way to go.

When you rent a boat with a skipper from Bluewaves Watersports, you open the door to a world of unparalleled beauty and excitement. Our experienced skippers are local experts who know the region like the back of their hand. They will guide you through the best places in the area, ensuring that you have an incredible journey filled with unforgettable memories.

One of the greatest advantages of renting a boat with a skipper is the opportunity to relax and immerse yourself in the breathtaking surroundings. Picture yourself cruising along the pristine coastline, surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters. With a skipper at the helm, you can simply sit back, soak up the sun, and take in the awe-inspiring views.

The skipper’s expertise goes beyond navigating the waters. They will lead you to the most beautiful bays, where you can drop anchor and revel in the tranquility of nature. Imagine diving into the cool, inviting sea for a refreshing swim or grabbing your snorkeling gear to explore vibrant underwater ecosystems. The skipper will gladly share their knowledge of the best spots for snorkeling, ensuring you encounter the most colorful marine life and fascinating underwater landscapes.

If you’re up for a thrilling adventure, the North coast of Malta, Comino, and the South of Gozo offer a wealth of possibilities. With a skilled skipper by your side, you can embark on exhilarating activities like water skiing, tubing, or even wakeboarding. Experience the rush of adrenaline as you glide across the waves, creating lifelong memories of fun and excitement.

Renting a boat with a skipper from Bluewaves Watersports is not just about the destination—it’s about the journey. Our skippers are passionate about sharing their love for the sea and ensuring that you have an extraordinary experience. They can regale you with fascinating stories about the islands, their history, and the hidden treasures that lie off the beaten path.

So, if you’re seeking an exceptional adventure and want to make the most of your time on the Maltese islands, renting a boat with a skipper is the perfect choice. Contact Bluewaves Watersports today and embark on a spectacular journey of discovery, relaxation, and pure enjoyment. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime.

How to get to Comino?

Book a fast ferry trip to Comino or choose one of the tours from our trips around Comino. Choose a trip.

  • Explore the islands of Gozo and Comino
  • Swim and snorkel in the crystal waters of the Blue lagoon and Crystal Bay
  • Discover iconic locations around Comino
  • Visit the Caves around Comino

Summer is far from over

In need of an indulgent break? Now is the time to start thinking about your perfect adventure. Bluewaves has a great selection of boats, whether you want something sporty or something family orientated.

Planning ahead has never been so easy or rewarding! Early booking ensures you are able to secure your first choice, boat, and dates.

At Bluewaves Watersports we believe that boating should be fun, easy, safe, and a great time with family and friends. You deserve the freedom to relax and enjoy.

Welcome to worry-free boating, welcome to Bluewaves Watersports

It’s another beautiful day in Malta and your experience is about to get even better

Imagine, your dream vacation in Malta. What better way to visit Comino, Gozo and Malta coastline than on a charter from us? There isn’t a better way, and you are in luck because you just checked in into the most dependable, honest, and humble company that will tailor and offer the best charter service to you and your distinguished guest. Let us plan your dream itinerary on one of our charter today.

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